Sep 26, 2008

Thank you...

I want to take the time out to thank the over 100 people that have visited my blog in the last 2 days...all because of the "customer service" based blogs that I posted. I am glad to have sparked so much conversation about the topic. Despite receiving messages like this:

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jesus lady. just let it go. he wasn't THAT rude ... jesus lady. just let it go. he wasn't THAT rude to you and to post this stuff on the internet only shows a lack of character on your part. this really doesn't surprise me, because you're black. just ignore his email and go about your life instead of trying to damage somebody's reputation. people like you disgust me.


8:55 AM

I still stand by my original posts. To clarify for all, this is my blog. It's an outlet for me to write about my experiences, opinions...anything and everything that crosses my mind. I had a bad experience with a leasing agent that happened to work for a certain company that in turn happened to be representing a certain developer....and I chose to write about it. Everyday people have bad experiences and decide to share that with their friends, family, etc...that is exactly what I did.

This has nothing to do with damaging someone's character/reputation or putting a company on blast...but instead shedding light on the fact that bad customer service is alive and well...and I, for one, find it to be unacceptable.

Buying real estate is NOT comparable to ordering a big mac and're potentially investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and I believe that the highest levels of customer service should be put forth. Whether you're a 60 yo seasoned pro or a 20 yo just getting started, you have to treat people with respect.


Jayish said...

So i been reading some of the comments about this experience Ishea has been through with this Real Estate Nut, and she is totally valid for writing about her experiences. If you read any of her other blogs, then you would know the kinds of things she writes about. So writing about this nut who treated her wrong was no different! I want to specifically talk about the comment from Nut #2, saying Jesus lady, he wasnt THAT rude? Ok let me break down this comment first of all.
1.) "He wasnt THAT rude?" Are you slow? Why should anyone tolerate any level of rudeness? Like was he only a level 4 rude and if he was a level 9 or 10 rude, then she would be justified in writing a blog about him? I know for one, i dont tolerate any level of rudeness: you even hint at being rude to me ,even a .2 level rude, best believe im calling someone!

2.)"and to post this stuff on the internet only shows a lack of character on your part." Actually Nut #2, youre right, posting this on the internet does show her character, it shows that she was treated badly by someone and wants to help the rest of Chiacgo and whoever else in the world who reads this blog to know about it, if someone had info on something or someone who im gonna be doing business with, good or bad, best believe i wanna know about it! i consider her character to be helpful and informative! LOL! In addition, posting YOUR comment on this site shows YOUR lack character, which is a racist NUT! You said, "im not surprised because youre black" bitc... let me stop my blood is boiling over here! I wish i knew who you were so i could write a blog about your ass and tell everyone that you are a racist!! Being black had NOTHING to do with her writing this blog! DUMMY!! i dont know what nationality you are, but im sure being ignorant is not because you are white, asian, hispanic, or whatever, you are just igonrant, and ignorant nuts like you and nut #1 (the real estate agent who i am sure is your friend) get all of my sympathy. i wish i could teach a class called "Ignorance Reform 101.. Reforming One Ignorant Nut At A Time". You would be in the front of my class!!

Anyway, if this Kris guy is your friend, Nut #2, then i suggest you tell him that at his next job, to be more polite to people, never underestimate who you are dealing with, and not to ask the developer or T-Rock for a recommendation!! Good luck to him finding another job!

Ishea, keep the blogs coming girl!! and Shake them Haters OFF!! LOL!!

Brandon said...
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