Jan 25, 2011

Brush Overload...

Last month I blogged about an insane deal Crown Brush was offering in partnership with Kandee the Makeup Artist. I had a few glitches with the ordering process, but yesterday my brushes finally arrived in one piece!

I opted for Set #620 which included 15 brushes and a case. The set usually sells for $43.99 but with the promotional code I got this for an amazing $29.99 (including taxes and shipping). That's one sweet deal.

I'm in makeup brush heaven right now but slightly overwhelmed. While I love makeup, by no means am I pro so I have no clue how to use all of these brushes.

Brushes Pictured L-R: Chisel Powder, Chisel Blush, Angle Blush, Foundation, Angle Blender, Oval Shadow, Blending Fluff, Flat Liner, Concealer, Lash Fan, Brow/Lash Groomer, Angle Liner, Oval Lip, Mini Smudger, and Round Crease

All of the reviews I've seen on these brushes are pretty good and most people compare them to MAC. Since I will only be using these for fun, I don't have any need to get professional type of mileage out of them. Having a collection like this for under $30 is mind blowing.

I'll be playing around with them asap and doing a little research to learn how to use the ones I'm clueless about (i.e. Lash Fan brush).

What's your makeup brush collection like?

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