Jan 26, 2011

T-Shirt Time

Last week the Bon Bon Vie tees I ordered finally arrived. Many thanks to Shari (the owner) for reshipping my merchandise after the idiots at the post office lost it. The mail system in South Carolina is a complete clusterfuck... but I digress.

I ordered the "Rep Chi" and "Brown Skin Lady" tees from her line and being a 36DD I thought choosing a Large would be good, but no bueno. My boobs are looking a slight bit smooshed (you know, pancake-ish lol) in the tops so I'm going to have to get my scissors and play around with the neckline a bit. It could be because the shirts don't have a ton of stretch, or that as a busty gal I know better than to rock a crew neck lol... but sizing issues aside, I like the tees and think the quality is good. If you order a size up you'll be a-ok.

New designs were recently debuted on their site so feel free to take a look and order away!

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