Jan 19, 2011

Game Over....

The Game gained popularity and a huge following due to its success as a sitcom. For those that aren't aware, a sitcom is a situation comedy - - a humorous drama based on situations that might arise in day-to-day life.....  So when they announced a new season I was expecting the show to return to what made it awesome in the first place... its bread and butter... comedy! Instead we were given writing and acting that resembled the road the show was on right before they got canceled and I feel like history is about to repeat itself.

I love the cast but let's be honest, none of them are known for their dramatic acting. These are comedic actors and their talents are being wasted with this new "dramedy" format. On top of that, the show needs to either skip the laugh track altogether or find someone that understands how to cue it up correctly. It seems like it's either non existent or super delayed... and seeing as how this is a dramedy now, how many dramatic shows do you know that use a laugh track? Or even a studio audience?

They're trying to shoot this thing like a Gossip Girl or Entourage type of show, but it's not working. This show is a comedy. A real comedy with a live studio audience and jokes that we laugh at. Watching these actors (and folks like Terrence J that should really stick to hosting) strain their dramatic acting chops is a major fail. With each passing episode I feel like they're damaging their legacy.

I read an update on twitter comparing this season to Sex and the City 2. Of course the hard core fans will still show support, but it's just not the same. The actors and writers created magic for nearly 3 seasons... I don't understand what the hell is going on with them now. Is this what parents feel like watching kids waste their potential? lol... I hope the show gets back to what they did best.

** Sidebar - How unnecessary was it for the ladies to take off their tops while talking @ Med School's house? Every episode has had a major fail. First Tasha Mack and the black and mild... then the gratuitous boob shots... though we didn't see anything at all... just bad writing.

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