Jan 23, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girls Club - The 2 Ambers cook up the idea to prank the rest of the house by pretending that Taniesha (season 2 castmate) is the new roomie. After finding out that Taniesha would be at a local radio show, the Ambers head down to the station and crash the interview. They bring Taniesha back to the house and she plays along with the charade. Tiffany seems the most uneasy about the possibility of having Taniesha in the house. She states that she may have "met her match." I was actually excited about the idea that Taniesha could come back into the house. I loved her over-the-top theatrics in season 2 and was counting on her to breathe some life into the season 3 house. After Taniesha leaves the girls head to the beach and get a surf lesson. The Ambers are back to acting like sluts and has anyone else picked up on the fact that that Amber M. is a lowkey hoe? lol... When she was at the club that night she takes this guy into the bathroom and tries to give him a blow job... only to accidentally use her teeth. The funny part is when they come out of the bathroom she asks if it was good for the guy and he says "not so much"! Ouch! That seriously has to hurt. To give bad head... and then to make all that effort in a dirty club bathroom AND have the guy say it was bad in front of all your friends! Womp womp. The episode ends with Amber B. getting sloppy drunk and puking everywhere and the other girls getting into a fight in the back of the limo. I'm not sure what they were even fighting about but Boston was in the mix. She's a bit wack to me. I don't get her... nor is she interesting enough to put any effort into understanding.

Real Housewives of Orange County - I tried watching this episode and really had no clue what was going on. I was glad to see that Gretchen didn't have anything happen with Tamra's creepy 23yo son, Ryan. The ladies also went to Fred Segal to design their own perfume. While in the store they came across overpriced vibrators that were the size of one of your fingers...length and width! How sad... and they tried to encrust one with diamonds. No amount of diamonds could ever make a vibrator the size of your finger a worthwhile thing. What else - - Vicki fell down after receiving an award at her Letip meeting. That was slightly funny. Lately Vicki has been coming off like a major bitch so I didn't mind seeing her eat it briefly. This epsidoe was fairly low key for me. I have discovered that the women blog on the Bravo TV website about each episode. I'm a Gretchen fan. She is so energetic and positive... a great thing for the show! I urge everyone to check out the blogs and get some more insight into the women that entertain us for an hour every Tuesday night.
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