Feb 19, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Cop Watch Edition

A co-worker of mine has become somewhat of an overnight sensation after filming an incident that turned physical between a cop and a guy on the CTA #70 Division bus. He has been interviewed by the local tv stations and appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and Red Eye. I usually post my "CTA Adventures" with a humorous twist, but I do think his video is interesting. From what he told me, the guy was asked to get off the bus by the officer numerous times before things became physical. My co-worker actually runs a site called ChicagoCopWatch.Org which is aimed at keeping police accountable for their actions... so having this happen while he was on the bus and being able to film it for his site was sort of like having a prize fall into his lap. I'm a firm believer in a system of checks and balances and think it's important to keep police officers accountable for their actions... so it's a good thing that this incident has been getting some media coverage. We don't always have to wait for someone to get shot or killed before the news takes a look at how the officers handled the situation. I've been on the bus and seen some interesting things and I do appreciate all that the CPD does for the city so in no way is this meant to bash them, but Police officers shouldn't be given some golden ticket to the city and allowed to act however they'd want. Do you think this officer was overly aggressive? Handled the situation just fine? Any thoughts?

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