Feb 19, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Deja Vu

Last month I wrote a post about this random guy I saw on the bus wearing a white tee, white shorts, pulled up tube socks and sneakers. I was blown away by his audacity to run around the city in the dead of winter with no coat. I wasn't sure if he was unable to afford a coat, cracked out, or as my friend Jessica suggested "...from Antarctica where 11 degrees doesn't bother him". Well, guess how surprised I was when after stepping off the bus I was met with the site of him YET AGAIN rocking a white tee, white shorts and sneakers...and to top off this look, no coat! Chicago had some decent winter weather the last few days (in the 30s) but last night it snowed and this morning the temps had plummeted down to 11 degrees. Why in the world does this guy have no coat? Better yet, why is he dressing like this in the winter? Even if he was hiding this get up under a warm jacket it wouldn't dismiss the fact that he appears to be forever waiting for his invite to Puffy's White Party in the Hamptons. Dude, please get some long pants, a sweater and jacket. I promise the salvation army has it for under 10 bucks. I'm almost starting to think that he likes running around town looking like a train wreck. I had to snap some pics when I saw him... it was too priceless to pass up. What are the odds...

And if you need a reminder of what he looked like last month:

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