Feb 17, 2009

UNmaking the Band

Making the Band...or should I say UNmaking the Band as Danity Kane has fallen apart (I'm still holding out for a surprise reunion), Day 26 is looking like Que and Robert are gonna bicker all season, and Donnie... well, does he really think that Diddy is interested in having him write his own music? He couldn't even sell his 1st album. When this season starts the guys are in London promoting their album and performing for their fans. I must say that despite being thrown together via the MTB tv show, I think that these guys are really talented and have amazing voices... plus their debut album didn't disappoint. They managed to get in a little sightseeing while in London but in addition to performing we were constantly hearing about how they "didn't want to turn out like Danity Kane" and subjected to the childish bickering of Robert and Que. I can see it now, when they start trying to beat one another's ass MTV is going to love cutting back to all of their quotes about promising to not fight and keeping their business first over personal issues.

In the watered down world of Donnie, we see him meeting with Puff to talk about his future on the label and then having lunch with him Mom. It's safe to say that he's shaken up about the way things are going and nervous if he'll even stay on Bad Boy. Like the guys, he keeps bringing things back to Aubrey and Danity Kane... if Puff could get rid of Aubrey the star of the group despite the success DK had and not even flinch, he's worried he could easily go too. His mother tries to coax him by saying Aubrey was disrespectful and that Donnie doesn't talk to Puff the way she did (very true but we all loved how feisty and slick at the mouth Aubrey was...definitely good for TV). Who knows what'll happen to Donnie but he should take Puff's advice to be the life of the party because he's on extra dull status right now.

Danity Kane is basically done and we're only left with Dawn and Aundrea. Shannon seems to be flying way below the radar due to her lawyer's advice and the other girls aren't returning any calls. Of course there's no way to have Danity Kane continue as a duo and I don't think the fans would buy into Diddy trying to spend another season finding 3 new members, but with Dawn and Aundrea being 2 of the stronger singers in the group they'd have no problem staying on the label and singing on other artists' tracks here and there.

Speaking of which, did anyone peep the song Diddy was recording while in the studio? This whole T-Pain tricked out voice thing has gone so far. It was enough that T-Pain swagger jacked it and Kanye did his whole album like it, but now Diddy is hopping on the band wagon and doing the tricked out voice thing too. On top of that, he's casting for his own show "Making HIS Band" lol... You have to love the consummate businessman that Puff is. He's always coming up with the latest greatest way to keep his name out there. He has perfected the "never let them see you sweat" motto and I admire how he doesn't let randoms switch up his swag.

**In other news I've officially given up on "The City" and "Daddy's Girls". I didn't even watch their episodes last night. I partly "listened" to The City but didn't have the energy or desire to put effort into seeing what was going on. Whitney's spin-off is pretty boring and I'm ready for The Hills to come back on. I'd rather watch emotional LC and Spidey (Spencer/Heidi) any day over Whitney. MTV needs to spice up their Monday nights because these shows are not going to do the trick. On another note, Real Housewives of New York is back on tonight (Bravo TV) so if you got hooked on the ladies the first season you'll be able to get another taste tonight!
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