Mar 2, 2009

Short is Beautiful

ANTM is in its 12th cycle and it's safe to say we no longer expect (if we ever really did) for the winner to become a "top model" and strut on runways around the world. Instead, it has become a contest for your 15 minutes of fame. I applaud contestants like Toccara, Yaya, and Eva (my personal favorite) for keeping their names and faces out there... while some past winners (Naima, Nicole, Whitney, etc) were so random that you pretty much forgot about them as soon as the camera lights went black.

In an effort to keep her show as fresh as possible (if anything can really be fresh in it's 12th+ season) Tyra has decided to change up the dynamics of the show for the 13th season which is casting now (click here for application)

What is this change, you may be wondering. Well, season 13 is all about the short girls! The show is only accepting girls that are 5'7" and BELOW!!!! This comes as great news to short beauties that have been turned down from the show for the past 12 seasons. Change has come... to ANTM!

For my Chicago folks, ANTM will be rolling thru the windy city on March 25th and it should be noted that the entire ANTM casting team will be in attendance... definitely your fair warning to bring your best game face.

For my AZ friends, they don't seem to be casting in Phoenix this year but if you want to give it a try your best option is to go to either the LA casting on March 28th or the Albuquerque casting on March 10th.
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