Mar 23, 2009

Akira Chicago - "Couture for the Poor"

On Saturday, March 21st I attended GenArt's Shop Chicago held in the Great Hall at Union Station. The event had a good turnout and featured numerous designers showcasing the best in clothing and accessories - - Among my favorites was Akira, a Chicago boutique.

While all of the Akira sales associates were helpful, Robbie (from the State St. store) took the enabler role to a whole new level with her constant "are you sure you don't want to just try it on" and "what about these". She really was a great sales person because I didn't walk out of there empty handed (nor did the 2 friends I went with). Thanks, Robbie, for doing some minor damage to my credit card.

The one thing that did take me by surprise was the fitting room which was literally a 15x15 blocked off section. Trying on clothes was similar to being backstage at a runway show in NYC. I walked back there not knowing what to expect only to be met with boobs, thongs, and more flesh than I'd usually like to see. At the end of the day, we were all women so it's not as if someone had something I didn't have myself, well except for smaller boobs. lol... speaking of which, I didn't realize how huge my boobs were until I was back there comparing myself to others. Wow... My cups really do runneth over.

(The Icing on the Cake....)

As part of my Akira purchase I was given a 15% industry discount card that, get this, NEVER EXPIRES! Oh me, oh my! This was like music to my ears. Anyone that has been to Akira knows that 15% off can go a long way and the selection they have is amazing. I can't wait to start using it asap.
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