Mar 27, 2009

Coffee Woes - Update

So, I found myself walking past Starbucks again and figured that I needed to get over my "stage fright" with ordering a normal coffee. The line was really short so I knew this was my chance to get this coffee situation handled.

Me: Hi, can I get the pairing special that you have? The latte and artisan sandwich.

Starbucks: Sure. What kind of latte would you like?

Me: (hesitant) Umm, well what can I get? (my way of saying what the fuck is a latte? lol...)

Starbucks: (slightly annoyed) Well, you can any latte or coffee. A latte is like coffee.

Me: (seeing that he doesn't get that I don't know what a latte is) Can I add something to it, like caramel or vanilla?

Starbucks: Yes

Me: Okay, well give me a tall caramel latte.

So, it wasn't that big of a deal for me to order a caramel "latte" and just freak it out with some sugar... but I still have no clue what a latte is. One of my co-workers that used to work at a coffee shop tried explaining it to me (coffee with milk, I believe... or coffee with milk and some expresso... I don't know.) Should it be this complicated to order a freaking drink? Like, I really need to take a coffee for dummies course and get my life together. Starbucks is a little out of control with their drinks. While I was waiting this guy walked in and ordered a Tall Vanilla Redeye with Soy! lol... Redeye? What's that? I bet it has a lot of sugar or caffeine in it. Anyways, for now I like Starbucks again. Could it be possible that I'm frenemies with them? Who knows...
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