Mar 20, 2009

The Travel Bug Effect

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones is the newest addition to the Travel Channel family. On "Dhani Tackles the Globe", Jones can be seen jet setting across the country and taking in the most popular sports in the country that's hosting him.

This is a masculine spin on the typical travel shows that usually feature chefs (Extreme Foods with Andrew Zimmer, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain), travel writers (Samantha Brown), or even playmates (Bridget's Sexiest Beaches). Finally, a show for the guy's guy... and boy oh boy, is Dhani Jones 100% man!

It's hard to talk about Jones without mentioning his uber sex appeal, eye candy status, or his stats. At 6'2", 235 lbs and a size 14 shoe Jones keeps me glued to my tv (mouth slightly ajar) and that 18.5" neck... it sends chills down my spine. Really, he is the prototype for the ideal man. Why can't they manufacture men like this? (sidebar: I can barely write this blog because I'm staring at his abs....)

But there's more to Dhani than meets the eye. This 31 yo is not only an 8 yr NFL veteran, but he's an entrepreneur too. He took his love of bow ties (think Farnsworth Bentley and Andre 3000) and founded Five Star Ties, his own line of men's accessories. When he's not on the field for the Cincinnati Bengals or designing for his fashion line, Jones enjoys writing poetry, oil-painting, and photography.

His show airs Monday nights 9p on the Travel Channel.

Episode 1 - Muay Thai in Thailand

Episode 2 - Schwingen in Switzerland

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