Mar 5, 2009

Harlem Heights

Harlem Heights is a swagger jack of "The City" but I must give BET props for upping their budget, camera quality and cast. Unlike Baldwin Hills which shows a mix of 16-22 yo kids (in real life a 21 yo like Seiko wouldn't be hosting a party with 16 yos there ...I don't buy it) the cast of Harlem Heights features urban 20-somethings navigating their way thru love, life, career and friendships in Harlem, NY.

I watched the first 2 episodes online here (my TV is still allergic to BET) and was impressed. It's not that the show isn't a rip off of "The City" or "The Hills", but for BET the standards were set so low with some of the College Hill-eque shows they've put out they had no where to go but up! I actually like the cast, their story lines, and what the show seems to be about.

It's refreshing to see people my age and my color, on top of their shit, looking good and living life! BET has done a good job with this show and I urge everyone to check it out. The only downside to watching online are the forced commercials between each segment but they had to pay the bill some way.

"Harlem Heights" Cast
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