Mar 20, 2009

Adventures on the CTA

As I was riding the 151 to Water Tower last night a chill went down my spine. I noticed a man dressed in all black, 1 dangling earring, and shoes that told a story.... they had seen the depths of hell. I felt like he was some sort of rock 'n roll vampire and I was not trying to have him suck my blood, steal my soul, or make eye contact with me. I managed to put my CTA 007 skills to use and snap a few pics.

Sidebar: What drives a man to wear jeans that are this tight? Hell, I don't wear jeans this tight. You have to let your stuff breathe every once in a while. lol... And do his shoes make anyone else think of like a homeless, or down and out, version of Peter Pan? lol... Maybe it's just me.


Webmaster said...

LMAO @ a down and out Peter Pan...I bet you Michael Jackson would kill for those shoes.

South Loop Social Light said...

I hope Mike's style would be about 5 levels above this...make that 5000 levels! Everyone should run away, far away from these shoes. lol

Ms_Slim said...

LOL @ Peter Pan!!!!!
LMAOOO! You are too much for that one! hahahaha

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