Mar 20, 2009

Cluster F*ck

1. Why did I see a little girl (about 3) begging her mother to buy her a bracelet from Forever21... the mother constantly saying no... trying to pay for her items and steady having to turn around and take the bracelet out of the little girls hands... only to turn her back for a few minutes and the little girl seized the moment, dropped the bracelet in her bag and they walked out of the store. it still stealing at any age? This child had been told no. Had the item removed from her hands... and still scooped it up when her mom was looking away.

2. McDonald's French fries are toxic... in the best way possible. They make my heart smile. I have to pass McDonalds everyday on my way to work and it's a daily challenge to psych myself out and turn down the fries. One thing that has helped me is watching the figures of the women that walk out of there. Wow... their waistlines are, umm... expansive! Anyways, with the summer quickly approaching now isn't the time to start gorging my face with crappy food.

3. Why is there so much anxiety involved in ordering Starbucks. I feel like I need a "coffee for dummies" book. Outside of my typical drinks (tall white mocha, tall blended strawberry lemonade - - both with extra whip) I'm lost when it comes to ordering stuff in that store.

4. When you're sitting on the bus, headphones on and music turned way up, why do people still insist on making eye contact and sparking random conversation? I mean, if I wanted to talk to you don't you think I wouldn't have gone so far out of my way to make sure my body language wasn't reading friendly, inviting, eager to be engaged? I don't want to answer questions about what kind of phone I have (Blackberry), how well it works (great), and if I'd recommend it (sure...) what I want to say is KICK ROCKS!
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