Mar 3, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Priceless Quotes Edition

Gosh, the CTA has been on a freaking role providing me with classic material. During my ride home today I encountered the most... umm, boisterous personality that I've come across in a while. In between laughs I was able to jot down a few of this lady's priceless quotes... Enjoy!

1. "We in a crowded ass elevator. You don't get any personal space."

2. "Bitch, push me again and I'm gon kick you in yo throat."

3."....then she cut my hours. All they can tell me to do is get the fuck outta the office."

4. "Fuck y'all. I'm gettin the stimulus package" ***my absolute favorite***

5. "You gotta be checkin these bus drivers. They be bogus throwin you all over the bus."

6. "Girl okaaaaayyyyyy! You is so wrong."

7. "He tried to make the book perplex to make you feel slow. I had to read it twice - 20 pages."

From the rest of my conversation jacking skills (though she was speaking loud as shit on the bus...) I was able to determine that her name was Nicolette and in addition to appearing to be in her 40s it's official that she set us back 52 years, 10 months and 8 days. Though her conversation was hilarious it's sad that we as black people continue to do ignorant shit on a daily basis. Try keeping your outrageous convos to a minimum while on the bus.
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