Mar 25, 2009

Secret Tweet

My girlfriend put me up on the "Secret Tweet" page on Twitter and I'm hooked. People will say the most outrageous, heartfelt, saddening, enraging things when it's anonymously done. Check out a few below and for more click here. (To submit your own "secret tweet" click here)

secret #30213
1 day ago on March 18, 2009
i am a horny dirty stay at home all day housewife,i film myself masturbating and upload it to websites my husband thinks im dull
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secret #30562
1 day ago on March 20, 2009
I've been cheating on my wife with her sister for 26 years and 2 out of 3 of my wife's sisters children are confirmed to be mine.
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secret #30094
1 day ago on March 17, 2009
I've been having an affair for 8 years with a married guy who has a kid. I'm the other woman, except, I'm a guy. I love him.
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secret #29458
7 days ago on March 14, 2009
I don't give a damn about my health. My only motive for losing weight is to have sex with better looking women. Yes, I'm that shallow.
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secret #28967
9 days ago on March 11, 2009
The only reason why I don't ask for a divorce is because I'm afraid of losing material things
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secret #28891
9 days ago on March 11, 2009
When the boss is in the office, I play the Imperial March from Star Wars on my iPod. It just seems so appropriate.
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secret #28454
14 days ago on March 9, 2009
I steal medicine out of people's bathroom when I go to their house.
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secret #28414
14 days ago on March 9, 2009
My best friend's husband is terminally ill. Problem: we've had a 4yr secret romance and he has an ins policy with me as the benefactor
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secret #27913
17 days ago on March 6, 2009
When I'm stressed I eat and look at online porn.
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secret #27506
20 days ago on March 4, 2009
Found out V-Day weekend that my husband of 12 yrs was having an affair. He forgot to close iPhoto after syncing his iPhone.
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secret #27099
21 days ago on March 3, 2009
I hate my job. Since Jan 1, I've been stealing something from the office everyday, hoping to get fired. I now have 10 staplers.
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secret #26683
22 days ago on March 3, 2009
I love my wife but was going to ask for a divorce this year. Now she has breast cancer.
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secret #25880
23 days ago on March 1, 2009
I think I love my dog more than my child.
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secret #31409
about 4 hours ago on March 24, 2009
I stop and eat a Big Mac everyday after work. My wife thinks I am a vegetarian.
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