Mar 17, 2009

Cluster F*ck

I feel like I haven't written a blog in forever (just a few days). Here's what's going on in my mind:

1. Today is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe we're in the 70s. I walked around downtown during my lunch and realized how much I love this city.... I was in a blissful state until I got on State St. and was welcomed by the sounds of the drummer boys. Must they insist on banging their buckets year round? They are 2nd place to people begging for change on my list of "city annoyances".

2. Regardless of how wack people think they are, I love my crocs. I bought them a while back when I was living in Arizona and they really are my shoe of choice for bumming around the house and running errands. Like, I'm a stiletto addict, but if I'm going to Jewel with some sweats on, I'll opt for my crocs.

3. I love the CTA bus tracker website. No longer do I sit hopelessly waiting for a bus to magically appear... but with a few clicks of my blackberry I'm instantly in the know.

4. I feel like nothing nurses a hangover better than ramen noodles. I don't know what it is about them, but if I've been drinking and need some comfort food this is what I'll grab every time.

5. Cayenne Pepper makes everything better.

6. How come nobody ever told me that Lincoln Park was the best place to live? I was thinking my life in the South Loop was bomb only to venture to Fullerton/Diversey and fall in love. I am on a mission to convince my boyfriend to move to Lincoln Park.

7. The obscenely great weather today has reminded me how much I love the city, but more so how much I DON'T love the humidity. There's no humidity in the air today and it is just wonderful... but it's making me have flashbacks to sweated out hair, insanely hot bus rides, and everyone's attitude being a perpetual state of stank.

8. Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are an adorable couple. Point blank. Period. This picture is disgustingly cute...

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