Mar 18, 2009

Oh, I get it...

Twitter is something that I was vehemently against... slow to gain interest in... finally broke down and joined... and have now figured out.

When I first signed up for Twitter I was excited at the thought of being able to have constant updates from the likes of Solange and Puffy. Who wouldn't want to be their virtual friends. They MUST have interesting things to say, right? Turns out they don't. I was surprised by how often Puffy was able to make updates, tweets if you will. (Do we really need to know you just got done making love and are now making a turkey sandwich? Really, Puff? You hop off the p*ssy and the first thing that comes to mind is grabbing your cell and doing a status update?) It's like watching an episode of Making the Band and how he's always interrupting the show to talk about himself...well, imagine that instead of MTB it's your life. Yes, Puffy and Solange are constantly interrupting your life with updates about theirs. It got real annoying, real fast.

The key to Twitter is to follow people that you're genuinely interested in knowing about. Unlike facebook, you can control who you're receiving incessant updates from and that makes a huge difference. If you're able to get your friends to switch over it's kind of nice to post numerous 140 character updates on your life. I found it very useful this weekend when downing drinks at the club to be able to have an outlet for sharing the random things bouncing around my mind. Here's an example of what ran thru my mind on my bus ride home last night:

1. Animated, loud, GHETTO phone conversations should be kept to a minimum.
2. Please stop staring at me while I ride the bus.
3. Can you please move to the back of the bus if there's space. I don't like feeling as if I'm 2 secs away from being groped.
4. If you're over 30, using a baby voice on the phone is no longer cute, it's annoying.
5. Turn down your headphones. I don't want to be forced to hear that shit.
6. Umm, did I already say stop staring at me?

As you can tell I had an enjoyable ride home (insert blank stare here).

Anyways, I'm slowly starting to like twitter more and encourage everyone to give it a try. I mean, you can always cancel your acct if you hate it.

Happy Tweeting!
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