Mar 4, 2009

Designer Inspired

I've always loved L.A.M.B. shoes but could never bring myself to pay the $300 - $600 price tag. I mean, they're cute but they aren't THAT cute (not to mention that Gwen Stefani is a singer, not a designer. These aren't Louboutins... If I don't wanna drop $20 for her cd why would I throw hundreds of dollars her way?) Still, the price didn't change my eternal lust for all things L.A.M.B. Their shoes are absolutely delicious to me. I haven't seen a design I didn't like... yet, I'm always brought back to the price tag. Even on sale they're over $200 and that's just not the business (especially in a recession).

"Hunter" by L.A.M.B. - $380

While perusing the shops in Water Tower I came across Wet Seal's version of the L.A.M.B. "Hunter" shoe in black and white. Being the shoe addict I am I copped both colors.... Sometimes you can't just pass up a good deal.

Wet Seal Version - $34.50
**They do look better in person**

I don't have an issue with designer inspired items but I do draw the line at those knock-off Louis V bags that don't even bother jacking the LV but instead use like stars on something. Yeah, those make my flesh crawl... but L.A.M.B. isn't that serious to me to not want to buy these shoes. I'm actually wearing them today and must say that I like them a lot. They aren't as comfortable as my Steve Madden or Sam Edelman shoes I've been rocking lately, but for $34.50 ($27.50 with my discount card) these were a must have and nice addition to my closet.

**Sidebar: If you're a fan of the Sam Edelman boots I have and you're in the Chicago area, he'll be having an in-store at the Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. on March 26th, 12-3 pm. This is a great opportunity to meet the designer and see a preview of the spring 09 collection.


Anonymous said...

I want those L.A.M.B.'s in my life right now!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope those Wet Seal ones do look better in person because on here they aren't doing anything for me.

South Loop Social Light said...

You know, I actually saw them on the website and didn't like them whatsoever...but in person they look good. I mean, they clearly aren't the L.A.M.B. ones but I have $352.50 leftover since I didn't buy the real ones. that makes it worth it to me. But really, the shoes aren't strong enough to be main focal point of your outfit whereas the L.A.M.B. shoes could be worn ass out around the house and you'd be extra fly. lol...

Kryssy said...

oh my gosh. I saw the tan ones on my coworker yesterday, and I almost tackled her to get them. Now I know who made them. YAY!! Thank you! =)

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