Mar 4, 2009

It's an epidemic

This is something that has bothered me for some time now... I think that there's a devastating epidemic of ridiculously over the top, flamboyant gay guys in the black community - - primarily in the 16 - 25 age range. Now, don't get me wrong, I love gay guys. I think they're fab... but I don't buy for one second that you popped out the womb switching your hips, rolling your neck and snapping your fingers. Every time I go into Forever21 there is always a group of young, gay, black males and they are like WAY over the top with how they're acting. It makes you feel like asking "are you putting on a show?" I don't remember gay guys when I was in HS acting like fools. I mean, I have no problem with guys wanting to play catcher and receiver but why can't you just act normal. I mean, does H&M really require a dramatic entrance? Must you roll your eyes, smack your lips and pop your hip with folded arms? It's baffling and disturbing on some levels. Maybe the best way to describe it is like the way I detest ghetto, ignorant acting people on the bus ... I equally find my stomach doing flips when I see guys that are acting like women... hood ass chicks at that with entirely too much sass.

I was sent this video from a girlfriend of mine and it shows some teenage boys dancing at their school. They're performing to Beyonce's "Freak 'Um Dress" and while they definitely entertain and put on a good show, I must admit that if I was the parent in the audience I can't say I'd be holding my head up high watching my son shake it across the stage better than most women...

Maybe I'm being narrow minded on this one... Any thoughts?

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