Mar 3, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: "Feet Cold?"

Before I ended up on someone else's blog I decided to go ahead and put myself out there. Yesterday it was (according to 20 degrees but felt like 9 and this didn't stop me from rocking my latest Steve Madden purchase.

Now, when I first got on the bus I noticed a few stares and what not but when the bus driver proceeded to ask "feet cold?" I knew there was an issue.

Yes, I'm wearing strappy stilettos... in the winter... and it's cold out... and a few snow flakes are falling.

And? Your point?

Women have suffered for fashion for years and I, by no means, am the exception. It was a little nippy outside but the leggings and sweater I was wearing did a good job of keeping me warm. I'm literally outside for 5 mins tops everyday so it was no biggie for me to brave the elements to be able to rock my shoes... and in case you're blind, have cataracts, or live under an f'ing rock - my shoes are the business, corporation, AND the man! (seeing as how we're in a recession that's a pretty good thing...)

I absolutely love my shoes and think that they are some of the most comfortable stilettos I've ever owned. These shoes were definitely made with a city girl in mind.


Anonymous said...

I'm lusting after your shoes. Women brave all kinds of storms for fashion so wear thenm well whenever you want!

Kryssy said...

LOVE those shoes!
I say.. what's a little frostbite for fashion... lol

CaramelKisses said...

Thos shoes are HOTT... I love them!!

And Most Social Lights Know The suffer for fasion rule...heck i have even left out of the house in strapless dresses mid winter and hoped right in a cab as if it were a hot summer

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u have adorable feet - one of my weaknesses maam

AsiaA said...

I know what you mean.

Your feet, your frost bite!

But you can say that your feet were poppin' that day. LOL.

Technically, your feet were mostly covered....or at least that's how I'd rationalize!

Aramide said...

I am most certainly lovin' those shoes! HOTT!

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