Mar 9, 2009

It's an Epidemic pt. II

Daisy Dukes? Check.
Purse? Check.
Stilettos? Check.

As a follow-up to the blog I previously wrote concerning the skyrocketing number of flamboyant gay, young black men - - I saw this photo on YBF and was appalled. This picture was taken of a man, apparently trying WAY too hard, at a birthday party recently thrown for Niecy Nash in the ATL. I'm not sure what made him rock this outfit or even who he calls a "friend" that actually co-signed on this, but all it does is reinforce my opinion that things are getting out of control.

A purse? Really...was it that serious! Did he really think that the shorts would highlight his legs...wait, maybe that was the job of the stilettos. There needs to be an end put to men thinking it's the business to look like this.

Is this really the future of our black men? Can gay black men not retain any masculine qualities? Any thoughts?

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