Nov 18, 2013

White Collar Brawlers: Office Rivals Settle it in the Ring (via @WCBrawlers)

Embedded image permalinkMost people have experienced at least 1 or 2 annoying co-workers in their professional life. Some keep it professional and don't say anything, some secretly vent to others, and there are some that send a mass email to the team telling them to kick rocks!

Adding some flavor to the typical fighting reality shows (i.e. The Ultimate Fighter), Esquire Network is allowing corporate Joe Blows to get in the ring and fight it out! Getting the chance to kick your co-workers ass in an HR friendly way? Umm... I think they've struck corporate TV gold! lol...

White Collar Brawlers premieres tonight at 10/9c. Feel free to live tweet the show @WCBrawlers or using the hashtag #WCBrawlers.

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