May 14, 2010

Tech L♥ve: A picture is worth a thousand words

Everyone knows that I'm the resident photographer in my crew of friends. There's rarely a moment that goes by that I haven't captured in at least a few pictures. Currently I have a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS camera. It has 8 mega pixels and isn't a bad point and shoot. I even stepped things up for my husband and bought him the Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS with 14.1 mega pixels.

I grew up with an Aunt that was a photographer and constantly snapping photos of me, as well as taking me along on different shoots, so I find it only natural that the photography bug has bitten me a bit harder.
I've been seeing reviews of Canon's SX20 IS camera on a few sites and think it's the one I want to get. There are many brands out that that can get the job done, but I'm a canon girl! This pretty thing should be mine by next month and in time for my 26th birthday!!


Jonezy said...

I have a kodak that's decent--I think it's aroudn 8 mp's too. I'm saving up for a Nikon but I'll have to check out Canon's prices !

τreciä said...

I really do need one of these... just looking at it has me thinking of all the things i would capture.

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