May 13, 2010

Fashion Fix: Dress for Less

I was a fan of the Gucci dress worn on the June cover of Cosmopolitan magazine by rocker Pink, but at $9300 it was FAR from becoming a reality. I was browsing online shop ASOS and came across an affordable alternative. Now, it's not exactly the same but it does offer the same ethnic inspired look and at $64.25 it's a fraction of cost. I'm someone that does prefer to try on my clothes before I buy so the fact that this store is only online does disappoint... but it's still a fashion lover's dream. Definitely take a look and see if anything inspires you to reach in your pockets and make it rain... or drizzle (the prices are pretty good lol).

Gucci Dress - $9300

ASOS Dress - $64.25
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