May 10, 2010

Fashion Fix: Taking the Plunge

I remember wearing bodysuits as a little girl... always dreading trips to the bathroom because I'd have to fuss with those snaps! Well, this bodysuit is one that I'm willing to tolerate. This uber sexy, DEEP plunge number is compliments of American Apparel. It retails for $40 and it HOT! I thought about rocking it for my birthday but promised my husband he'd be the first to see it in action lol... let's just say that this dress is walking sex so definitely wear it with caution. You'll be advertising all kinds of hotness and sure to gain a fan club. The top is so outrageous that I'll opt for a more demure bottom. I'm thinking a pencil skirt or maybe something more casual - - who knows!

Are any bodysuits making an appearance in your summer wardrobe?
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