Jun 1, 2010

N♥tural Hair: Banana Clip

I've heard many naturals rave about banana clips for quite some time now, but had no luck finding any. This past weekend while I was stocking up on nail polish at Sally's I saw a great deal on banana clips! For $2.99 you get 3 clips, and after trying them this is something EVERY NATURAL needs! My hair has been growing out and I can make a nicely sized puff, but using an elastic band didn't give me the fullness I liked. The banana clip has solved this problem. Sometimes you don't feel like twisting your hair and you want to avoid rocking a scarf - - well, for those times use the banana clip.

I was able to rock this easy going puff during my down time this weekend and I loved it! Head over to Sally's and stock up on these must-have clips.


ShandyLand said...

I've heard/read of other naturals using this too, but didn't think to try until now. I will have to try it. I know back in the day, mine always use to break, because my hair was too thick, I hope it will work, and back then my hair was relaxed...hmmm, hopefully I can find one in the dollar store, just in case. lol

Fabnay said...

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