Jun 28, 2010

N♥il Art: My take on Minx

We all know that Minx is super expensive - - even the Chic Prints @ Sephora are near $20/set. This weekend I put my thinking cap on and decided to figure out a way to get the metallic look of minx with the cost effectiveness of regular nail polish. I rocked these super cute, cracked metallic JS shoes for my birthday and wanted to find a way to make my nails match.

The shoes I wore that served as inspiration for my nails

My Nails

To get this look:

1. 2 coats of Forever21 Love & Beauty nail polish in Olive ( a metallic based olive tone)

2. 2 coats of OPI by Sephora Only Gold for Me top coat (despite being glitter, it dries smooth)

I'm pretty obsessed with this look so I think I'll be rocking it for the next few weeks! Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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