Jun 15, 2010

N♥il Art: Minx for the Cheap

For those that love Minx Nails but would rather pass on the price, there's finally an affordable alternative: Chic Prints! The latest addition to the Sephora by OPI line of nail products, chic prints come in 8 different designs and cost $15 for a pack. There are only 16 prints in each pack, not enough to do 2 full manicures, but if you do 1 full set and then play around with 1 here and there you get the biggest bang for your buck. I must warn everyone that these nails are only supposed to last on average 2 days. There are ways to stretch this (top coat of polish), but I would really recommend them for a special occasion or weekend fun (i.e. apply them Friday night to be flashy for the weekend, etc.)

I must thank my wonderful girlfriend Jessica for putting me on to this amazing discovery. She tried the nails out and they looked great -------->

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