Jun 29, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Update: 3 months

I'm currently rocking my summer weave for the next few months, but I wanted to give everyone an update on how my Brazilian Blowout was holding up at the 3 month mark.

<---- This is my hair blown out @ 3 months. You can see that it still gets pretty straight. I used my round brush and concentrated nozzle on my dryer. A flat iron isn't necessary. This is my hair curly. My curl pattern is pretty much back to normal. I don't have any frizz, but there's definitely more shrinkage if I don't do flat twists. ----->

Overall, I've been really pleased with the Brazilian Blowout. Again, I want to stress to people that my stylist Kim @ the Apricot Lounge Salon used the official Brazilian Blowout treatment. This is not something you can buy in stores or online. It has to be performed by a professional stylist that has been certified by the company. This treatment does NOT have formaldehyde and does NOT permanently alter your hair texture. Also, there is NO waiting period. You get the treatment sealed with heat, but you can have your hair styled curly when you leave the salon (as well as opting to rock it straight).

There are many treatments out there claiming to provide you with a Brazilian Blowout but they're really just Keratin Treatments. The easiest way I can explain it is that the official Brazilian Blowout is an iPod and the others are just mp3 players. They're not the same thing... and even if you call your mp3 player an iPod, folks that have an iPod know the difference.

If you're someone that likes the option of straightening your hair as well as having your curls be more manageable w/ less shrinkage and frizz, I'd recommend this treatment to you. Yes, it's pricey (over $200) but well worth the investment. The results can last anywhere between 12 weeks to 5 months... it really just depends on how you care for your hair. Again, think of this as a conditioning treatment that coats each strand of hair... the more you wash your hair, the quicker it will wear away. I was someone that washed my hair probably 3 times a week so I think my results lasting 3 months was great. I'd definitely continue to get this process done.

To locate a salon in your area certified in the official Brazilian Blowout process click here.

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