Jun 8, 2010

Excuse Me Miss

It was 110 degrees in AZ over the weekend and as I made my way thru Mickey D's drive thru to get that oh so delicious McFlurry it hit me - - the preteen at the window had thanked me and called me miss! Miss? In that moment I felt old. Not decrepit, but definitely older. Come June 27th I'll be 26 and officially on the OTHER SIDE of 25! Yes, I'm started my descent into the wonderful world of 30s.

I recently heard someone referring to their 30th birthday as "29: The Sequel" and it made me scrunch up my face. 29 the sequel? I wanted to correct them and say "Isn't that just 30." Why can't people just call it what it is. It led me to wonder, what's the big deal with turning 30? Why does that age cause people to freak out, get depressed have meltdowns.

It's almost as if people go through their 20s with no care in the world then suddenly 30 is knocking on their door, ready to pimp smack them in the face with reality. Goals, relationships, careers, finances. All of the dreams you had in your 20s that you have not yet accomplished are hanging over your head. In your 30s it doesn't seem acceptable to not know what you want to do with your life, have no clue about your identity, a career, goals that you're actually achieving, a legitimate relationship - - I think it hits you that you don't have your 20s to "figure it out" anymore and people lose their shit.

I currently have about 4 years until I turn 30 and I have clear cut goals and things I'd like to accomplish before that time. On top of that, I don't ever want to lie about or be ashamed of my age. When the time comes I want to hold my head up high and rejoice in having 30 years of life under my belt. For now, I'm thrilled to be turning 26 and aside from being called "Miss" or "Mam" by random teenagers, I'm taking it all in stride.

What age did you notice those around you starting to freak out, lie about their age, or shy away from answering the question at all?

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