Jun 23, 2010

Kick up your Cardio

Gyms aren't for everyone, but running outside just isn't for me. Nothing compares to the feeling of a treadmill underneath my feet, and I'm always on the hunt or new workouts to freshen things up. Recently I've taken a liking to sprint intervals as a way to keep my heart rate up and shock my body.

Taken from the June 2010 issue of Women's Health Magazine, trainer Joe Dowdell created this interval plan aimed at cutting your workout time in half while increasing your resting metabolism so you burn more calories. This workout can be done twice a week in conjunction with your choice of cardio on days you aren't doing any strength training.

*RPE = Rating of Perceived Exertion (how hard you feel you're working. Uses a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being easy and 10 being full-out)

1. Warm up for 3 minutes (RPE = 2 or 3)
2. Do a 30-second work interval (RPE = 7 or 8)
3. Do a 60-second recovery interval (RPE = 3 or 4)
4. Repeat #2 and #3 for a total of 6 work intervals and 6 recovery intervals
5. Cool down for three minutes (RPE = 2 or 3)

Total Time: 15 mins

After the first week add an additional work and recovery interval your workout, building up to 9 each.

Whether you've slacked the first half of the year, need to slim that waistline, or a way to breakout of your treadmill plateau - -this is the perfect workout. I typically work @ a 6.5 on the treadmill w/ 2 incline and recover at a 3.5 with 2 incline.

What gym routines are getting you right for the summer?

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