Jun 10, 2010

"In war, truth is the first casualty."

As the 2nd plane hit the World Trade, I struggled to grasp what was going on. I had never been to New York nor did I personally know anyone there at the time so I felt removed, but still scared and sad at the same time. There was so much that was unknown... but our generation had never known what war really was. Out of that tragedy everyone banded together for a while... but as the months passed, the events of that day faded from my mind as well.

The war of terror was soon launched and "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was heard more than anyone wants to remember - - but now that we're in 2010 what is this war really about?

I must admit that I wasn't too interested in the war until I married a soldier. I wasn't personally invested in it - - didn't know anyone deployed and thus very removed from the situation... but overnight the military became part of my life. I felt guilty for being so ignorant about the whole thing but the cure for ignorance is knowledge.

The point of this post is to stress that I think it's all too common for people to not care about what's going on until it hits them. Something doesn't have to personally affect you in order to touch you - - educate yourself on the issues affecting our country and those around you.

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