Jun 22, 2010

N♥tural Hair Update: Taking a break

I never thought that I would stop getting relaxers... not because I didn't like my natural texture - - I actually LOVED my natural texture, but after years of getting relaxers I was so far removed from what it was that it just seemed like one of those things "easier said than done". I was rocking a weave last summer and when it came time to get it redone I figured that I really didn't have the cash to pay for the hair, etc... thus, I started the transitioning process.

During the past year I came to really love my hair and was thrilled at the fact that it really was possible to get back to my original texture. The downside? Natural hair takes lots of maintenance. It's not impossible, but it does take constant work and can be time consuming. (When I was relaxed I wasn't into doing my hair that much either lol) Anyways, all of that led me to jump on the bandwagon and get a SUMMER WEAVE!!!

I've had weaves before but never with all of my hair covered. I didn't want to worry about blending and run the risk of damaging my hair so I opted for a full weave. I looked at this as an investment and decided to get good hair. My stylist recommended Extensions-Plus and I got the Zig Zag Natural Body with the style 1 closure in 12 inches.

Morning of my weave

Braided up - - halfway there!!

The summer weave is in full effect!

The end result? I'm really pleased with the way my weave came out. I'm still getting used to having all of my hair covered, but I don't think it looks like a wig plopped on my head lol. In the above pic I didn't have time to curl my hair before I went out (that's pretty much how the hair came out of the pack) but I'll be posting updates for how much wear I'm able to get out of this style.

If you're in the Phoenix area and looking for a salon please check out Apricot Lounge Salon. Kim and Vanessa are an incredible team and can solve all of your hair worries!


Mrs. Denga said...

I've had my hair in braids for almost 4 months and I was thinking about trying a summer weave next month. I'm not sure about the entire head although I know that is more convenient. I'm just worried about the "wig" look. I don't know, we will see...

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Mrs. Denga - Yes, the dreaded wig look! I totally understand where you're coming from because that was one of my biggest worries. I still think that leaving your perimeter out makes for a more natural look, but I didn't want to constantly worry about blending in my hair. I feel like the only thing worse than looking as if you've dropped a wig on your head is seeing hair that doesn't blend well. Oh, the troubles of wearing a weave! lol...

Skeeta said...

Wow I this really transformed ur look! Fun! Its really cute and definitely does NOT look like a wig, it looks so natural.

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