Jun 7, 2010

Tick... Tick... BOOM!

I never wanted children.

Growing up I wasn't the type to play with dolls and imagine they were my babies, I didn't want to hold other people's kids nor did I do much babysitting. I believed in birth control, abortion, and avoided motherhood at all costs. I didn't dislike kids, but there was nothing better than being able to give them back to their parents.

Well, imagine my surprise when my biological clock more or less exploded last week. I don't know why or how, but I have babies on the brain! My period was 1 day late and I started freaking out thinking that I'd never be able to have kids - - God's cruel way of punishing me for avoiding them so much in my early 20s. Yes, I'm a bit over the top, outrageous and neurotic lately. I need to pop a pill and chill out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying being a newly wed and have no plans on popping out babies anytime soon (my husband and I are thinking 2012), but I have been blown away by the fact that overnight I entered "mommy in training" mode.

You can say that I'm traditional in the sense that I always wanted kids after marriage... and having dated nobody prior to my husband that was marriage material, well - - it's no surprise that I didn't want kids lol. Now that I'm in a loving marriage I think it started to hit me that the most beautiful thing two people can do together is create another life - - and it's SO much more amazing of an experience when it's void of drama or chaos. I smile knowing that when my husband and I have kids they'll be the most loved kids in the world (and the cutest lol) and I'm counting down the days 'til we create our little clan of awesomeness.

When did the baby itch hit you? Have you managed to avoid it?


Catherine said...

Although I love kids, my clock has it's batteries removed and is sitting on the shelf. I have spent plenty of time with my niece and nephew to know that kids are time consuming AND forever. Having kids is a beautiful thing, but I can wait for now.

Whenever a friend's clock starts ticking, they are pregnant or begin attempting to get pregnant within a year. Good luck!!

Southern_Lady said...

I've gotten the baby itch and I'm not married or in a relationship, for that matter. All that being said, I don't think it's something you can avoid. Even for women who KNOW kids aren't for them, I think they may have an occasional fleeting thought. It's just apart of being a woman.

I love children---always have. When I marry, I definitely want to have time with my husband to get to know him in marriage, as opposed to in a relationship. But I also want to be a young mother who can enjoy her children. We'll see how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

I love chidren. I've gotten the bug suddenly and I'm not married, nor in a relationship. I don't think it's something you can avoid. Even if a woman KNOWS children aren't for her, I still think she has a fleeting thought or two of what it would be like. That's just apart of being a woman.

dondrea b said...

Baby fever hit once at 23. I was still in graduate school with no boyfriend in sight. Lol! Again last year at 27. I went out and bought a sewing machine so that I could make baby quilts. It was so random, I know. And again this year at 28. However, I'm in no rush since I have plenty of babies around me that belong to other friends and family.

I do agree with you. Baby fever is like an overnight sensation or something. Lol!

Skeeta said...

This is so weired, another blog I read just said the same thing and I commented that the itch hit me a few months ago. I just turned thirty and that other blogger is 29 so I think it has a lot to do with age (although we don't like to admit that) and being in a good relationship.

I def think I want to start trying this year, and my hubby is like "we could have tried years ago!" LOL

Best of luck and keep us updated!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Catherine - Lol @ the batteries being removed but I agree with you. Kids are forever and I thin sometimes people get caught up in how cute they are and don't realize that once you're a parent, you're a parent for the rest of your life. Above marriage, parenthood is the ultimate commitment.

@Southern_Lady - I am on the same page as you for wanting to know your spouse in a marriage, not just dating. I don't judge people that rush into having kids, but I want to enjoy a few years with my husband being selfish and doing whatever we'd like.

@ AlishaWritingLife - Like I was saying to you on twitter, our bodies are built to have kids so you're right - - it's only natural for all women to have moments where we want them, be it in a relationship or not.

@ Dondrea B - Lol @ buying the sewing machine!! I'm 25 (26 later this month) and this is the first time the baby fever has hit me. It's really a shock how sudden it happened.

@ Skeeta - I'll be 26 at the end of this month and I always imagined myself having kids by this age... though I thought I would be married by 21 too lol... then life happens and you realize those timelines go out the window. My husband definitely wants children before we're 30 b/c he's fixated on NOT being an "old" dad.

My Name is not DANA!!! said...

It hit me the minute I met my hubby, @ 21...I always said I wanted a lil girl that looked like him and that's exactly what I have. It's a very hectic life but at the end of the work day once I get off the bus I want to run home to see my baby she lights up and that gives me so much energy then I crash once she's sleeping lol, its so worth it.

jshota said...

Whoa, nobody is fixated on that!!! I just don't want to be one of those dad's breaking his back trying to play with his kids. The plan is to wear them out before they get us;)

Mz. SunShyne said...

I turned 30 in December. And, Mother Nature and my Biological clock must be conspiring against me...lol. I hear it loud and clear. I have babies on the brian as well. I am in the beginning of a really good relationship so babies are clearly not an option. But, I do find myself daydreaming about little brown babies that look like he & I. *le sigh* I don't know how I feel about the subject taking over everything in my life. And, it also doesn't help that 4 of my closest friends are pregnant right now.

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