Feb 26, 2014

When did we get so miserable?

This morning I decided to stay in the bed 45 mins past my alarm and catch all of the Z's I could manage. Unfortunately I didn't have time to prep my usual breakfast (smoothie/oatmeal/snack), so come 10:30a I found myself sitting at work, fighting hunger pains and chronic bitch face. I had sworn off going to Evolution Fresh because I get raped $10 for a smoothie I can easily make at home, but the struggle was real so I took my mean mug and walked over to get some sustenance.

As I walked back, smoothie in hand, a homeless man yelled out something incoherent to me, to which I scrunched my face... kept walking... and saw the cutest little baby looking back at me as her dad carried her. Her face was lit up bright and full of joy. She was blissful, happy and it instantly made me smile.

Staring into her eyes I started to wonder when I got so miserable... when WE as adults became owners of "chronic bitch face," out of this world attitudes, and constant gripes. Even if you don't see miserable people in person, just pull up any social media site and you'll be bombarded with the bitching, moaning, and whining of adults around the world. Being miserable is universal and misery loves company.

Yet, we don't start off like this. Is it inevitable that life "gets real" and some degree of miserableness comes with the territory? Or is there a way to elevate ourselves and radiate that childlike happiness all the time?

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