Feb 10, 2014

Aye Aye Captain

You know how people proudly proclaim that this is "their year" at the beginning of every year? Well, I do that same shit but every Sunday... I am all optimistic and full of good vibes proclaiming that I'll change my entire life that week.

Be it eating cleaner, working out more, cursing less, watching less TV, making an effort to be nicer, walking my dog more... the possibilities are endless and I'm down for all of them. Then I get halfway through  Monday morning and I'm like... ugh.... what was I thinking lol.

So, last night after I ever so kindly told someone to "get the fuck out of my face" I realized that I curse... a lot. And while this typically doesn't bother me, I thought about it and felt like I should cut back. Growing up I wasn't much of a sailor, but as I've gotten older the number of F-bombs and other expletives that leave my mouth have skyrocketed. I honestly don't know where it even came from because I didn't grow up in a house hold full of cursing and chaos, but nevertheless here I am... 29 yo and full of fucks.

In an effort to clean up my mental space and remove the residual clutter all of my cursing has left behind, I've decided to cut back on cursing... and maybe, just maybe... phase it all the way out!!

I'm currently gasping and clutching my imaginary pearls... and I'm sure anyone who really knows me is giving me a combination of a blank stare or a belly laugh. Ishea is going to stop cursing? Bwahahahaha....  but for real y'all. I'm going to give the expletives a break and maybe learn a new word each week. Speaking of which, Dictionary.com features a word of the day. Today's word is: Blatherskite.

definition of blatherskite

Mind you, I actually had to look up what "voluble" (talkative) meant lol... don't judge me.. but consider that 2 new words for the week! How ironic... someone who curses all the time could actually be considered blatherskite!

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