Aug 29, 2008

Hop Haus Review

Hop Haus
646 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, IL 60610

We left Citizen Bar disappointed and hungry and walked to Hop Haus. I had never been there nor heard any feedback on the restaurant, good or bad. We were starving and stopping there turned out to be the best decision! The place was somewhat empty on a Sunday afternoon, but the food was full of flavor in every bite! There are tons of burgers to choose from ranging from something simple all the way to a wild boar burger! I was pleasantly surprised to see a beer pairing recommendation along with every burger was definitely a nice addition. Our server was spectacular. She remembered everything and was on top of the extras like water, napkins, sauces...we didn't have to wait long nor remind her for anything. After our bad experience at Citizen Bar it was nice to have great service. I would recommend getting the chicken noodle soup if you're a little hungry and don't want to wait the 12-15 mins for your burger to get cooked. It tasted so actually made you wish you'd be sick! The only down side to this restaurant is that the El basically sits on top of it so you'll definitely hear the trains passing by. Other than that, the service was great, the burgers were exceptional, and I'll be going back.

As an added bonus they are open until 4am every night so this should be your late-night eatery, hands down!!

**I must warn you, last night we went there to grab some late night food and were greeted by the slightly unpleasant sounds of like some hip hop/pop/techno trance mash up while we ate our food. If you can stomach listening to this music then please go! The food is so tasty is might distract you...
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