Aug 29, 2008

Yang Restaurant Review

Yang Restaurant
28 E. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60605

My boyfriend was starving so we dropped into Yang's to try it out. The ambiance was non-existent so we opted for take-out. The prices are affordable and you get a decent amount of food so I'd say it's a good value. The service was fine...until we asked for additional soy sauce packets! The girl at the counter said it'd be an additional 10 cents per packet. We didn't have any change so asked to just buy a bottle of soy sauce for $2.99. They advised us that it was a $6 min. to use your debit/credit card...this was after we spent over $20 on our take-out. It's safe to say that this beyond irritated me. We grabbed our food and went to Jewel where we got a large bottle of soy and sweet and sour sauce for under $4...and were able to use our credit card to pay! I think that the food was good, but due to the service I would not return. I don't like to be nickel and dimed. Times are rough when a restaurant can't spare a soy sauce packet.
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