Aug 29, 2008

City Life...

*Originally posted on 7/6/08 on my myspace blog*

I've been adjusting back to the city life in Chicago! I absolutely love being here...and despite the good days, bad days, and cloudy days...things are great! I start my new job tomorrow with a publishing company downtown and am excited! So, like always, I keep my sidekick handy to jot down any blog topic ideas that cross my mind!

1. Thongs - - are sometimes necessary! Walking arond the city I am beyond disappointed to see the vast amount of panty lines. PANTY LINES! People..this is 2008, damn near 2009, and there is NO reason to jet around town with visible panty ever present reminder that yes, we can ALL see your underwear riding their way up your cheeks...moments away from permanently wedging in your ass!

2. This must stop: Hanging onto "non-quality" hair just to be the girl with the long hair...but you're really the girl with the scraggly, damaged hair! The girl that everyone notices NOT for your luscious locks...but instead your fried, split ends...that girl that makes you cock your head in a 45 degree angle, squint your eyes and ponder WHY in the world doesn't she just cut her hair and look fabulous!

3. While I was at the DMV getting a state eyes were bombarded with so many fashion choices...gone TERRIBLY wrong! I have to say that the fashion free for all that was displayed at the DMV was none other than a hot ass mess!...sometimes a dress code...or uniforms...are not a bad thing! I'm all about being unique and rocking your own personal style, but your loud shirt, hair style, 10 inch long overly designed nails, etc...are just making everyone's eyes throb...and it doesn't make the waiting time go any better!

4. Neck tattoos...never a good decision! I don't feel it's necessary to expound on this, but unless you're should NOT get a neck tattoo. They aren't professional, cute, or..well, they aren't anything good at all! Just leave the neck tattoo thing alone!

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