Aug 29, 2008

Citizen Bar Review

Citizen Bar
364 W. Erie St.
Chicago, IL 60610

I went this past Sunday afternoon with friends to have drinks and food. Upon entering I was optimistic because of their outdoor patio. However, that quickly changed. The seating upstairs was lackluster and rickety. The table wobbled and the chairs did as well. The menus were water and sun damaged and only 1 of 4 was laminated. The drink menu, on the other hand, was put together nicely in a bound book...but they apparently only had 1 because when another party entered the bus boy asked if he could take it from us to give to them. That was the first problem. If you're a restaurant/bar you should have enough menus to handle your number of guests. Secondly, it was like we were asking too much to have our table wiped down (which had crusted hair...yes, hair from someone's head) stuck on the table. Next, the bartender kept staring at our table, as if he was nervous or irritated or "fill in the blank" but it was not appreciated. Our server was nice and the only thing that was pleasant about the experience but then again, servers work for tips so I didn't expect anything less. After staring at the menu, or lack thereof, for a few minutes...and being disappointed at the food options (definitely DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU'RE HUNGRY...FOR REAL FOOD) we decided to leave. The crowd was pretentious...a mix of Hollywood wanna-bes that seemed to remind me of being stuck in "The Hills" or some other show. There were dogs on the patio, young 20 somethings with attitudes and irrelevant conversation and the sun was going down so it started to get cold. I would not recommend this place to anyone...ever! The service is bad, the menu sucks, and you'd feel better spending your money somewhere else!

Sidenote: I don't like to throw out the race card...but unless you're white washed, can handle the "Scottsdale/LA" type of crowd or like being stared at because you're the only black person in the place, I would not recommend going here!
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