Aug 29, 2008

What's a Pay Phone?

*Originally posted on 8/28/08 on my myspace blog*

Whatever happended to Pay Phones?
I know that we've all used it at one time or another...but like, where have they gone? It wasn't long ago when people scraped for change to make that oh so necessary phone call...or even return a page! Remember pagers! "Did someone call (your name here) from this number?" lol...but that's another topic. Back to pay phones. Listening to a conversation going on between co-workers, they talked about pay phones and how they are non-existant anymore...and if you do find one that isn't occupied by some sketchy person, you have to struggle to remember phone numbers! Which brings me to the fact that people don't memorize anything anymore. I know a few numbers by heart...but other than those lucky few, I'm totally dependent and clicking on whoever's name is in my phone! When people lose their cell phones it's like their world falls apart! Another topic they discussed was sucessfully raising kids without having a cell phone! Today it's not uncommon to find kids as young as 8 carrying around cell phones! However, if you're a parent w/out a cell phone some question your ability to effectively raise, or keep tabs on your kids! I grew up in a time when most people didn't have cell phones...and a few lucky ones had car phones! Remember the car phones that had those tangly cords and cost like a million dollars to make a call? lol...I don't think that you need to have a cell phone to raise children. I think that the culture of today is one of instant gratification and sometimes it's nice to actually turn off your phone, tv, email...just get away from it all and maybe reading a book or going for a walk is too granola for you...but catching up on sleep or pampering yourself with a bubble bath is a nice treat!
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