Apr 30, 2014

Sew-in Weave using Zury Indian Remy 'Wet and Wavy' Jerry Curl hair (Initial Thoughts)

Hey Y'all! So in addition to getting a snazzy new blog layout (what do you think?) I also got some new hair! I took some time to decompress from the epic marley twist fail I previously blogged about, and reemerged ready to face the world with a freshly laid sew-in!

I went to Rigat at Hands of Artistry Salon in Renton, WA and y'all... her ability to lay a weave super flat is truly mind blowing! This is the first time I've used a weave net and had a weave lay down this flat. I'm in hair heaven.

Also, I was flip flopping between curly and straight hair, but knew I didn't have enough time to order high quality kinky curly hair online... so, I ventured into my local beauty supply and decided to take a leap of faith with Zury's Human Indian Remy "Wet and Wavy" Jerry Curl hair (color #2 in 14 inches).

I'll be doing separate posts on my experience at Hands of Artistry Salon, using the Zury 'Wet and Wavy' hair, and filming weekly vlogs to show how the hair is holding up. Below is a video of me showing the results and sharing my initial thoughts on the weave.

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