Apr 4, 2015

1st Trip to NYC + Wand Curls on Natural Hair

What's funny is that I meant to post this on March 3rd explaining my brief blogging hiatus -- but fast forward to today, April 4th, and it's like wow! Time popped a molly. Wait, do folks still do that? I can't keep up with the latest designer drugs. Anyways...

I haven't blogged in a long time. Why? The normal stuff -- life, work, moving a million miles a minute and not making the time. Actually having the time and then realizing I don't have the energy, creative juice, or desire to put my feelings on paper. It's crazy how an overcast day in Seattle can zap you of your motivation to do anything and everything.

As I'm writing this the sun is peaking out and I'm trying to seize the moment before I once again lose an inkling of motivation to write. The vlog below is a month old, but I still wanted to share. It's kinda funny because my "NYC High" has worn off and I've realized that the city that never sleeps may just be full of assholes and jerks. I don't know if I could actually live there, be happy, and productive... or if I'd turn into an asshole/jerk/workaholic. #KanyeShrug

In other news, I still am obsessed with wand curls lol. They're the BEST go-to hairstyle if you want something guaranteed to look cute in like 15 mins.

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