Mar 3, 2015

The Allergy Reliever Juice (via @LEAFtv)

Last night I was sitting around the house having a small scale pity party for my deteriorating voice and overall feeling of exhaustion (aka I'm getting sick), when I came across this video on a great juice blend to fight allergies. Now, I don't know if I actually have allergies, but my eyes have been wigging out for a few weeks (went to the eye doctor and they said I looked fine, medically... my actually eye appointment for a new prescription is in a few weeks)... but I've been coming down with a cold and most people know liquids/juice is a top way to knock that ickiness out.

I don't have a juicer, so I used my NutriBullet. If you don't like pulp, get a juicer or  use a strainer to get most of the pulp out. I don't mind pulp, so I was able to throw it back as is. This was really tasty (I love anything blood orange), and the cayenne gave it a nice kick. I'll be making it again this morning, but adding regular oranges too.

What's your go-to juice?

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