Aug 23, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: Jared Odrick @JaredOdrick98

The thicker the neck, the bigger my smile. At 6'5" 302 lbs, Jared Odrick is mouthwatering, delectable, orgasmic goodness causing a cheesy grin to spread across my face! This is the finest specimen of man and this week's Thick Neck Thursday feature.

I saw Odrick last night as I was watching the Miami Dolphins training camp show on HBO and couldn't hide my grin. "Who is THAT?" I grabbed my phone and the Google search commenced.

Reading his stats sent a heavenly chill down my spine. 302 lbs of thick ass man! My God... you are real and at work! I'm only 28, but part of me feels like a cougar looking at 24yo Odrick. Still, I wish men were mass produced like this. I would seriously sell all of my worldly goods to order my own "Odrick 2.0". Put it into production... I want it now!

I can barely look at him without ratchet things pouring out of my mouth. I don't know whether to wring out my panties or finish writing this post lol. This Miami Dolphins Defensive End could get it. All day. Every day. No questions asked. Well, maybe a few... you all know I'm inquisitive lol... but seriously, Jared - - Where are you and when are you free? (Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? Are you single? lol... I kid, I kid)

I think Takeo Spikes will have to give up his throne as "King of the Thick Necks." There's some new blood in town and he just got crowned.

Jared Odrick - A thick neck you could take home to meet your parents!

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