Aug 17, 2012

Basic Black Pump

Since I started my new job a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I need a total overhaul on my current wardrobe. I still have a casual dress environment, but the older I get the more "quality pieces" I feel I should have. I mean, I'm 28... should my closet be over taken by yellow F21 bags? lol...

On my search to update my wardrobe I'm hoping to cancel out trendy items, instead building a foundation of basics and staple pieces. It's not that I want to spend a lot of money either... but I need things that can last a while and easily pair with other item... all without breaking the bank.

Working from the ground up, I wanted to find the perfect black pump. My favorite colors are black and gold, and these Steve Madden "Ilussion" pumps are perfect! They're 4.5 inches which satisfies my craving for height, black which goes with everything, and feature a gold toe which gives them a little something extra.I envision rocking these with a pair of skinny jeans, simple tee, and red lip! It sounds magical in my mind right now, but like many ideas I'll have to see how it actually comes together.

Steve Madden "Ilussion" Pump - $99.95

** Sidebar: I have no clue why Steve Madden misspelled "illusion" but yes, that was his doing lol... I know how to spell the word :) **

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