Sep 4, 2012

Bottle & Bottega: Art Uncorked in the South Loop (@bottlenbottega)

Bottle & Bottega puts a spin on the traditional art studio by hosting BYOB social art parties geared toward nurturing the inner artist in us all. With their latest location having opened last week in the South Loop, some much needed artistic flare has been added to Michigan Ave. Featuring a variety of classes (public as well as private/corporate), anyone looking to get their creative juices flowing and do something different should give Bottle & Bottega a try.

I was looking for something new in my neighborhood and a way to put a spin on date night. I did a little research and learned that Friday's class featured the theme: Couples and BFFs: Face-to-Face portrait painting. Lucas Myers was the featured artist of the night and guided our group as we tried our hand at painting.

It was my first time painting on canvas but it was a blast! We started off with a sketch and then dove in with acrylic paints. A few hours we were able to walk away with personalized artwork and a shared experience.

Our first time painting... 

At first I thought the price was a little steep ($35/person - but this varies depending on the class), but after experiencing the class it was well worth the price. I like that you get to experience something new with friends, it's BYOB, includes the cost of canvas/paint/etc, and at the end of the day you're able to walk away with a new piece of art work for your home! This alone made it well worth the price as I now have 2 new custom pieces on display at my apartment... and they have a fun story to go along with them.

There are many options for how to spend your Friday night, but I'd urge everyone to step outside the box and try something new. The class is the same price as dinner or a movie/drinks, so opt for something different and have some fun.

Overall the class was a nice mix of people and the instruction from Lucas was great. You can go online and view the schedule to pick the class that's right for you.

Who: Bottle & Bottega
What: Art Studio
Where: 1241 S. Michigan Ave.
When: Weekly Classes - check online schedule
Price: Varies (average $35-$45/person)

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