Sep 13, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: @ChicagoBears Edition

I'm a Chicagoan and I rep for the home team, which means this week's Thick Neck Thursday is all about the Chicago Bears!

I'd love to feature one of the actual players, but let's be honest - - there's nothing better than a Thick Neck that knows the art of shutting up. Therefore, I'm beyond ecstatic to introduce the world to Bear Down - - the inflatable Thick Neck I'm dropping it for in the this photo ---->

Bear Down, or 'Bear' as I like to call him, is pretty fucking amazeballs! He's like SUPER duper thick @ 300+ lbs, built like a cross between a Gorilla and a Spartan Warrior God, and has a knack for dressing up. He tends to keep his uniform on a lot, but that's just to show off his thickness. He's on the quiet side, but I prefer to not have him open up his mouth and ruin the moment.

What else? He's pretty much obsessed with my entire life force which works for me. I mean, what girl doesn't want a Thick Neck obsessing over her existence? Come on now... Duh! Also, he has a nice smile so I'm not complaining about that either.

The Bears have a game tonight and are currently 1-0, so let's keep the team spirit going!!! On another note, where are your favorite places to watch the Chicago games? I'm on the hunt for a cool spot in the city (preferably the South Loop).

GO Bears!

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